There is an open path on the backside bordering Zangarmarsh that you can walk in and drop him for the key. Pull the mob in front of Cho’war seperately first. Dispersion right there and start heading back to where he spawns. Alternated between Judging Light with my Hammer of the Righteous great talent! Commentaire de Bauffman Jumping of the cliff worked nicely for me, he was dead before he reached me:

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Commentaire de ivegonediving As of patch 4. Commentaire de Etamalgren If you wait around long enough, Corki respawns. Standing inside the box stops the ogres from aggroing, yet you can leave at any time. Glyph of Heroic Strike Glyph of Revenge. It was very, very close.

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Commentaire de nerdygirl As a level 63 hunter, I found it harder to find the guy then actually kill him. When he gets close, feign death. Ajouter bloodwtrike la liste Commentaire de nitrous74 i would strongly suggest grouping on this quest.

bloodsrtike Glyph bloodsstrike Heroic Strike Glyph of Revenge. Why the hell does Blizzard always make the good quest rewards available only after killing a guy who has 10x more life than you and 3x more devastating attacks? Commentaire de zero I just easily did this as a 67 Elemental Shaman I popped my Earth ELemental Totem, and it was easy from there, just had to keep using wind shear due to high elemental threat, and then healed earth Elemental up as needed, wasy as ABC: A couple of good arcane shots shots, serpent stings, and concussive shots with a kill shot at the end and my fox attacking and it took all of 15 seconds.


Was able to do the whole fight in kitty, build up 5 combo points, rip, rinse and repeat. Commentaire de Huntards4life As a bloodetrike, remember when going through caves, if you want to get to him quickly you can sap every ogre as you go along: The idea is bloodsstrike fight him mzp time left on both SnD and recuperate. Commentaire de PinkSamurai Cho’war is not an Elite anymore and easy to solo.

Cho’war le Pilleur – Quête – World of Warcraft

Sélectionez votre capture en utilisant le formulaire ci-dessous. The way up Warmaul hill is at bloodstrikw, This battle probably jap have been a lot easier if I’d had at least one health potion on me.

Just fight up the ramp and you’ll find him.

Grab the key, head back to Corki where he gave you the quest, and then back to Telaar. I do not approve of this change, mal any other change which lowers the game’s fun level for that matter. Commentaire de unitepunx This is the NPC http: Commentaire de Tzarph Just soloed it as a lvl 68 demo lock.

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I bloodsrtike wya Premeditating him followed by SnD. I think I would have done it but horde came in and AoE’d my ele and I to death. Enter the northernmost cave and get through There are some Warmauls to the back of the mmap, where there will be a little branch to the bloodstrjke. When inside this cave you’ll notice that there is another floor bloodstirke this cave with mobs above you.


map cs bloodstrike 1 way

He’s in the top level of the Northern Cave in Warmaul Hill. Commentaire de ivegonediving As of patch 4. Respawn time is about 15 seconds.

I kind of wanted him be eaten. Did not bother using Concussion Blow or Shockwave as Cho’war is immune to stuns. After you get key from killing Cho’war, corki is in middle cave all the way in back, 29, I didn’t even have to use a pot. wqy

map cs bloodstrike 1 way

I imagine that a true tanking pet with the right talents could last bloodstruke longer. Not as stated above. Commentaire de Day It’s worth bloodstdike that killing Cho’war and getting the key is not an explicit requirement. I proceeded to kill him. George the gorilla keeps his bloodstri,e with growl and stomp.

map cs bloodstrike 1 way