Alcatraz in 360 Degrees
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The south end of Alcatraz Island in 1890 and today.

Looking down the switchback road in the 1920s and in 2001

Thanks to Faelyn Lackey, here's that image of the officers in mess dress:

Down the roadway to Building #64.

The Army steamer McDowell loading passengers and convict workers at the Alcatraz dock, c1918, and tourists have replaced prisoners. A boatload of visitors
tied up at the Alcatraz dock today.

Army convicts excavating the hill behind North Battery in 1869. Photo by Eadweard Muybridge (Bancroft Library) and the gun emplacements of North Battery were replaced in 1910 by the island's powerhouse.

North Battery in 1864 overlooking the bay towards the Marin Headlands (National Archives) and an industrial building constructed in 1922 sits directly atop the brickwork of former North Battery, with Sausalito in the distance.

Another 1869 Muybridge view of Alcatraz, this time looking back towards Telegraph Hill and the San Francisco waterfront. "Pirate's Cove" is in the foreground (Bancroft Library) and a convention of cormorants cover the island's slopes on the former site of the cove. The city skyline has grown somewhat in the last 135 years.